Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lazy Day

Hi peeps! I spent most of the day being lazy today. I think it's my actual first lazy day since Tuesday. I tried to be a bit lazy yesterday but it didn't happen. We ended up getting some Christmas shopping done and also went to see Christmas lights last night. My sister and neice went with us. Today I went to a couple of stores and got a few gifts. I want to be done already. Every year I say I'm going to start early but I never do. I'm done with my neice's gifts. I got a few others but i'm not completely done yet.

This morning I tried the oatmeal with squash and it was SO good. I have more and I'll be eating this a lot more often.

After it was mixed. It was YUM!!!

Craig and I. We didn't wait for them to light up the tree. We will have to go back when they do.

My sister and neice.


It was a fun night. Let's see what we do tonight. I'm thinking mexican food and a movie. We will see. I told Craig I would be my treat.

See Talk to you later bloggies!


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  1. Sounds like a fun day. I would love to see a Christmas parade. There is a big one back home, in the U.S., in my hometown.