Sunday, February 28, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

The weekend is almost over..... =( It was a good one though. I want to start off by saying which one was the truth about me from the previous post......

# 3 I once crashed into a parked school bus.

Yeah I was dropping my sister off at school and I hit a bus!! It was really embarassing and I messed up the whole right side of my car. I got a ticket and had to go to school for it. My sister said that during one of her classes some of the kids were talking about it. LOL

Weekend recap:

On Friday night we went out to dinner and then we got some frozen yogurt. It was delicious.

On Saturday morning we went and picked up my Bountiful Basket and I got a lot of goodies. I love Bountiful's so worth it.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and then met my sister and her friend to watch " The Crazies" It was an okay movie. There were a few moments of suspense but I was way more scared of the Freddie Kruger preview before the movie started. I've never been able to watch a full Freddie movie. This movie looks super scary. I don't think i'll be going to see it. I would love to because I like being scared but I could barely sleep last night and that was just by seeing the preview. While we waited for my sister and her friend to show up we walked around the outdoor mall. We made wishes and took  pics.

When we got out of the movie it was raining and I got a little worried because my sister and I had a 9-10 mile run planned the following morning. Even though I love the rain I was really hoping that it would be gone by the morning but it wasn't. So we decided to postpone it until Monday. The half marathon is a week away so after our long run tomorrow we will only run a 3 miler on Thursday and rest until Sunday. We were pretty bummed to cancel our run so Craig made us pancakes. They were AMAZING!!!!

Craig and I spent most of the day at home. Just went out to lunch at Rumbi then came home to organize the place a bit and watch NASCAR. It rained most of the day but once it stopped for a bit we decided to go for a bike ride.

We did 6 miles and it was fun but very cold. It started sprinkling a little when we were on our way back so we got a little wet. Now I'm about to make us dinner. We are making chicken tacos tonight. I cooked my veggies for the week and all I need to do it make my tuna for tomorrow's lunch.

Question: Do you consider yourself to get scared easily with movies? Which movie scares you the most?

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

I love Friday Morning's

Hi girls! We made it through the week..time for the weekend! I'm so ready. I woke up this morning after getting 9 hours of sleep feeling good.

I have exciting news!!!! Sheila nominated me for a blogger award. Thank you very much Sheila!!!

With the award I will be making up 6 crazy lies about myself and 1 truth. You must choose which one is the truth out of the seven.....

  1. I know sign language.

  2. I have a tattoo on my back of feet running.

  3. I once crashed into a parked school bus.

  4. I won back stage passes in a radio contest to go to a Britney Spears concert and got to meet her.

  5. I once got stuck on an elevator at work for 30 minutes.

  6. I hate Mexican food. It makes my stomach hurt.

  7. When I ran the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon last year I saw Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser.

Which one do you guys think is true? =)

I would also like to nominate a few ladies to make up a few lies and 1 truth about themselves.

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When you have been nominated, here is what you have to do:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you.

4. Tell six lies about yourself, and at least one truth.

5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who would have fun coming up with lies.

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Thanks again Sheila....and I will be letting you know what the truth is on Sunday =) Have a great Friday night and weekend!!!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Run this Town"

So it's been a WEEK since my last post. I guess I'm a slacker. Honestly, I've been really busy. For the last week I have felt that I keep trying to catch up on everything...sleep, laundry, work, cleaning, blogging and almost everything else. I really don't like that feeling. I have to be on top of thing's and if I'm not I feel like I'm losing control.

Since I've been gone ( No I'm not trying to sing Kelly Clarkson..LOL) I have been running and P90X-ing. On Sunday my sister and I ran 8 miles. She did very well and we registered her that night for the half marathon on 03/07/2010. I know she is really nervous but it's going to be so much fun that she won't have time to focus on her nervousness during the half marathon.

We went to a near by park that I love. It has a few hills and it goes on forever. On Sunday we have a 9 mile run planned. I'm hoping that it also goes really good that way she goes into the half with a lot of confidence.

Tonight I ran with Craig. We ran 3 miles on a trail that is behind our place.

                                                         Making sure my shoes are tied.
Craig on the move.
We ran on the dirt part but on the other side there is a paved trail.

Today's Eat:

I also had a breakfast burrito,tangerine, almonds and we made pizza for dinner.

Hump Day is almost over....Tomorrow I only work until 11am. wooohoo! I am feeling really exhausted this week. I'm ready for the weekend.

Question: Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do everything you need to do?

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying new thing's is fun

Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day!

At this point I am waiting for Craig to do P90X together. He recently got his schedule changed and we get off from work at about the same time. We had the same schedule for the longest time and worked out together every evening. So starting yesterday we were able to do that again. =) I like having a workout buddy. This also means that we get to eat dinner at a reasonable time. Last night for dinner we made Chicken Pesto Pasta and it was really good. I was so happy to try something new. I was nervous that it would be horrible and that we would just end up starving. Everything came out good and I even took some for lunch today.
With our pasta we also had salads and I had a new dressing that I bought yesterday.
Also VERY good. (blurry pic..sorry)

Trying new thing's is fun!!! I think I'm going to try something new every week. It can be something small or big. How will I know if I like it if I don't give it a shot. =) Tonight we are making Ground Turkey Meatloaf with a side of veggies. I'll let you know how it turns out.


This weeks workouts have been good. I'm trying to maintain P90X but I must admit that it's hard when I have to keep up with my training also. I am doing the best I can and trying to schedule my runs when I have the day off that way I can do the dvd and the run that day. So far so good. I only have to do this for another two weeks then I can focus on P90X completely.
This week workouts:

Monday- Core Synergistics Dvd (P90X)- DONE
Tuesday- 3 mile run (scheduled cardio x dvd, but substituted running instead)- DONE
Wednesday- Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X-
Thursday- Yoga and run 3 miles-
Friday- Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X-
Saturday Kempo X-
Sunday- run 8 miles-

Okay better check on the meatloaf and changed into workout clothes. Have a nice evening.

Question: Do you find yourself doing the same workouts every week or mixing it up a bit?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick stop at Sprouts

Hi blogsters!! I have very exciting news today!!!! I registered for the El Paso Half Marathon!!! Yay!! I get so pumped when I'm officially registered for a run. Even though I've been training and getting ready it doesn't feel REAL until I've registered. The half marathon is 3 weeks away.

I took today off to help my sister out with a few things and since we got done early I was able to do some shopping. I stopped at Sprouts and bought a few things.

I've never tried POM!!! That's crazy talk..right?! Well I bought one and I had a sip and this stuff is really good. I also bought Pop Chips which my friend recommended to me.

I bought flaxseeds and used my Magic Bullet to grind it. It saved me money and it really did grind it very well. I was so happy!!
You can see the bullet working it's magic in this picture.

Weekend Recap:

Sunday we went 4 wheeling and had so much fun. We were out there most of the day and had sandwiches for lunch.

On one of the rocks Craig bent his wheel but after hitting it a few times with the slegde it was back to normal.

Tonight we are watching Biggest Loser...which I'm not sure if it will be on or not tonight. We are making Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner with a salad. I'm about to start P90X and also dinner in a bit. Enjoy your evening!!!

Question: For you runners out there... Do you prefer running alone or with a friend?

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine' Weekend and Hike

Happy Valentine's Weekend Bloggies!!! Yesterday when Craig got home he brought me these beautiful flowers. We then opened our gifts before going to dinner and a movie.

Wooooo! I got a new camera so hopefully my pictures will be a lot clearer. I was having a hard time with my older camera and I didn't want to have to carry around our bigger one. I bought Craig the Nintendo Wii and he was super happy. He had been wanting it for awhile and knew we would enjoy it together. I also bought him 3 games along with it.....Jeep Thrills and Monster Jam.. the third game was more for me. LOL. It's Jillian Michaels Ultimatum. hee hee I snuck that one in.
After openening our gifts we went to P.F.Chang's for dinner and then watched Valentine's Day. I thought it was a really cute movie and I laughed a few times. It was the perfect movie for the occasion.
By the time we got home it was early Saturday morning and we were tired but wanted to play Wii. Craig set it up and we played a few games. I think we are really going to enjoy this.

This morning we went to pick up my Bountiful Basket and then went hiking. Our hike took us about 2 hours and we explored a trail further than ever before. It was a nice way to start the day.

We took a small break. Craig ate a clif bar and I had a tangerine.
After our hike we were starving and we stopped at Firehouse Subs for lunch. It was DELICIOSO until............. Craig made me try this hot sauce and my mouth was burning. It was the most horrible thing ever. We both had tears in our eyes from this hot sauce. I took a picture of it so you could see it. I also want to know if any of you have had it before?

And this is the hot sauce that almost ruined my lunch.

I guess they are serious when they say this....

I guess I couldn't!!!

Tonight's plans are going to dinner and the rest is to be determined. We have a few ideas in mind.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm a copycat!

Good morning bloggies!! I know I say this A LOT but I LOVE HAVING FRIDAY'S OFF!!! I hope I never have to change my schedule. I don't know if I'd be able to go back to working 5 days a week. It's hard working 10hrs a day but it pays off when I wake up on Friday knowing the whole day is for me. =)

Today's plans:
~ do my taxes
~ nails
~ laundry
~ running 7 miles with my sister
~ meeting my friend at the movies (we are watching Edge of Darkness)
~ get dressed for Vday dinner ( we are doing a Vday weekend)
~ going out to dinner and going to watch Valentine's Day movie

Okay so the reason my title is... I'm a copycat is because I am. I've seen many blog posts about this before which is where I got the idea to do 10 thing's about me:

~ I lost 38 pounds over 2 years ago and have maintained. Woohoooo!!

~I love Froyo!! Anytime baby..ANYTIME!!!! We try to keep it to a minimum but it's very hard.

My favorite is vanilla with strawberries and walnuts...sometimes I add a little bit of brownie.

~ I like to go 4 wheeling. I never really knew about 4 wheeling until I met Craig. It's so much fun and kind of scary.

~ I might be ADDICTED to licorice...Red Vines to be exact. I don't like the texture that Twizzlers has. We have a vending machine at work that has Red Vines and I seriously have to be so strong to not go buy them everyday.

~ I talk in my sleep. When I was little I went outside looking for my mom and I was yelling for her. She heard me and went outside to get me. Atleast that's what she tells me. She was pretty very scared and thought my sleep walking would be an issue. As I grew up it got better and now I just scream randomly. LOL

~As much as I love to run I also love HIKING. I look online at so many trails all over the world and I want to do them all. Craig actually introduced me to hiking and it's a fun thing we can do together.

~I want to visit so many places. I love everything about traveling. Long rode trips are so much fun. I have the best traveling partner.

~ I change my nail color atleast once a week. I can't stand having the same color for way too long. I like weird colors too.

I bought these this week. I think i'll go with the bright pink one today. =)

~ My sisters are my best friends. I trust them and have so much fun together. We can be dorks and not judge eachother. I'm glad we are close and can talk about anything.

~ I like my legs. LOL. I used to hate wearing shorts. I actually didn't for many years until I lost weight and started feeling better about myself. I think people always focus about what they don't like about themsleves. Well I think we should focus on what we do like and stop the negative thinking. So I admit that I like my legs.  Anytime I can wear shorts...that's what i'll wear.

Question: What do you like about yourself?

Have a great Valentine's Weekend!!!

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