Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My first visit to Whole Foods!

Friday workout: 30 minutes-run

Saturday workout: 55 minutes-(gym) elliptical, ST and crunches
Sunday workout: 35 minutes-run and yoga
Monday workout: 35 minutes-(gym) elliptical, ST and crunches

Okay so I have a lot to recap. I still have some stuff from last week that I never wrote about. So get a snack and something to drink because this might be a long one……

BTW Hope you are having a great week!!!
Last week we (Craig and I) went on a journey. We went to Ikea and WHOLE FOODS store! Now I know why everyone loves this place. It was like a magical place of awesomeness! LOL. We wanted to look at everything. Our eyes kept wondering from one side of the aisle to the other side. It was crazy. We finally made it to the “restaurant” area. We didn’t know what to choose because there is just so much to choose from. We ended up getting chicken tacos with black beans and rice. We took it home and ate the deliciousness that it was. I also made some purchases…..

This was so good. Craig liked it too. I have yet to try the soups though. Maybe tomorrow. I see them on blogs all the time so thought I should try them. I plan on going back to this wonderful place.

While out on our journey we also made it to Ikea. We have been wanting new dressers to organize our junk clothes. We finally got it done and the room looks so much better. I cleaned out a lot of old things I didn’t wear anymore that were still in good condition.

Foods that were eaten since I've been away…. Not in any particular order……

Oats in a jar are so good. I love it.

This weekend we made it to the movies to watch Avatar. We went on a double date with my sister and her friend. First we had dinner at an Italian restaurant then watched the movie. To be honest I was not too excited to watch the movie. I had heard great things about it but it didn’t really catch my eye. I was WRONG. This movie was so good. I was a little sleepy because we went kind of late but the length of the movie did not bother me at all. I loved the whole movie and I recommend others to watch it also. The colors are so beautiful and the story is so good.

We started out the New Year pretty good with our workouts. I planned on taking today and Thursday off this week but I feel like working out today so I think I will do yoga tonight. Just a quick little workout before Biggest Loser starts. I’m really excited about the new season tonight. Tuesday’s our only “TV” night that we have. Love it.

~BIG NEWS~ My friend lent me PX90 and I will be starting it in two weeks! YAY. I can’t wait. I’ve heard great things about it and I’m excited to work my butt off.

I don’t want to start it until after I run the P.F. Chang’s Half Marathon on January 17th!!! Eeek it’s so close. I ordered the top that I plan on wearing and it should be here by Friday…..I’m hoping. =)

The top says "EVERYDAY FIERCENESS" You can't really see it on the picture.

I leave you with that my blog buddies. I'm off to do yoga, make dinner and watch Biggest Loser.

Question: Have you tried PX90 or heard anything about it? I would love to hear what you have to say.



  1. I haven't tried Px90, but i've heard good things about it - and the 30-day Shred, have you done that one?

  2. Bety, that food from whole foods looks amazing!!! I too have been curious about that px90.....you will have post your progress!