Sunday, February 7, 2010

I miss flip flops!

Back to work tomorrow......

I'm pretty happy to be going back to work. It might seem weird but I really missed working. It's nice to mix things up once in awhile but I'm ready to get back to the norm. I want to wake up early and go to work then come home and workout. Wait for Craig to get home and have dinner together. I love my life and everyone in it.

Friday night we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. We ordered two pizzas so we could each choose one. We ate a lot of it but had a lot leftover. I chose the Tostada pizza and it was so good. We will definitely be going back for that one!! YUM.

 We had planned to go watch a movie afterwards but when we got to the theater there wasn't anything that was about to start so we decided to skip it. On Satuday morning I went over to my parents since Vero and I had a 6 mile run planned. When I got there her knees were really hurting her so I told her we should take it as a rest day. I didn't want her to get injured. I talked to her today and she said her knees are doing better. We are running tomorrow afterwork. I hope it goes well. Saturday evening Craig and I went over to our friend's house to watch the UFC fights. There were some good fights and it was a lot of fun.

Sunday morning Craig made us pancakes and we watched Back to the Future. GREAT MOVIE!!! When it was over I went to Sports Authority. Craig met me for lunch at Paradise Bakery....his first time going there. I had the chicken walnut half sandwich and tomato soup.

We went to a few stores and I tried on a lot of clothes. I didn't buy anything but it was fun. I can't wait for Spring and Summer to get here already. I miss shorts, skirts, tank tops and flip flops so much. I want to just slip on my sandals and be ready for the day. Things are just so much easier in the Summer. I used to be more of a Winter kind of gal but now it's all about Summer for me.

We knew we wanted to watch the Superbowl so we ordered Papa Murphy's Pizza. We have been wanting to try it for awhile now and went for it. Before eating our pizza I made us some quick side salads.

This was my choice....It was an artichoke, spinach, chicken and garlic sauce pizza. Craig chose the meatLite pizza. Both were on really thin crust and we really liked it. I see this in our future again.
We have a lot of pizza leftovers now. We will be eating it sometime this week for dinner. We watched the football game and the Saints WON!! The score was 31-17.

I just finished making lunch for tomorrow and I'm about to make a running purchase......

I mixed zucchini, tomato, corn and red pepper together. I also made some rice to have with it. YUM.
this is the purchase I'm thinking about making. Recover running socks. I LOVE pink but I know the black ones are more versatile.

Product Description.
"The use of compression socks produces a major fluid shift improving venous blood return to the heart, allowing for better cardiac output thereby aiding oxygen delivery to working muscles. As a result, increased endurance and better performance are obtained during any sport activity.
 Our Patented Graduated Compression socks are designed to stimulate circulation in those areas where gravity has a greater effect on blood return, such as feet and lower legs. That is why this item is a must for every runner, after hard training and race to speed up recovery. Let them work for you even while you sleep."

I'll let you know what color I go with tomorrow. Have a good night

Question: What do you miss most about Summer?
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