Friday, February 5, 2010

Knee pain and KT Tape

Woohoo Friday!! I have a lot of cleaning to do today. Since Craig and I were home a lot this week we have a mess. I was trying to clean up a little here and there but we would just turn around and make another mess. I have a lot of laundry to put away and wash, kitchen clean up, living room clean up...SO MUCH. I also have P90X to do. This morning started out with a green monster and an egg/spinach scramble on a sandwich thin.

Yesterday I went running with my sister. We only did 2 miles because her left knee was really bothering her. I thought the new shoes would really help. We had a good 5 mile run the other day but now I don't know what else she can do. She has also been icing it.

 I hope we figure something out soon since the half marathon is only a few weeks away. Tomorrow we are running 6 miles and we are trying KT Tape.

"KT Tape™ is an elastic athletic tape that allows athletes to compete at the top of their game. Used as a preventative taping system, KT Tape enables athletes to perform at their highest levels with confidence."

"KT Tape provides immediate relief from Runner’s Knee by providing support to the patella tendons and aligning the knee cap for better tracking over the joint. The support provided is similar to a patella knee band but KT Tape is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t constrict circulation, therefore not interfering with normal body mechanics."


Hopefully this will help. If not I will keep looking for more information. If you have any advice or tips we can try.....please let me know I would really appreciate it.

Yesterday for lunch I made Salmon with asparagus and carrots. It was really good. Craig and my sister said that it looked like something you would eat at a restaurant.

And for dinner we went to Subway. Craig was tired of being at home and needed to get out for a bit.

I was so hungry by dinner time that I just started eating before taking a picture.

Last night we watched Heat and just relaxed. Craig seems to be a bit better which makes me happy. He went to work today. He was nervous about having to sit the whole day and how it might affect his back. I hope it goes well.

Oh and my friend Faby made me something for my bday that I want to share with all of you.
She hand drew this. AMAZING!!! I'm going to buy a nice frame for it and put it up.

Enjoy your Friday!!!

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  1. It's funny how being home and enjoying time at home can make for such a dirty house :)