Thursday, February 4, 2010

Training and More Training

This week has been WEIRD! I took Tuesday off from work due to a stomach ache. That same day Craig hurt his back and came home from work. He can barely move. I've been his "nurse" for the past two days. I help him move from the couch to the table and so on. I can tell he is in a lot of pain and I feel bad for him. He isn't used to laying down for very long. He is always moving and doing things. I took him to the doctor's yesterday and they gave him muscle relaxers and stronger pain medicine. The Dr. just said he needs to take the meds and rest as much as possible. I decided to stay home with him today too since he can barely move. I hope his back gets better soon because I hate seeing him like this. I know he wants to be up already.

Running update:

A few days ago I ran with my sister again...we ran 5 miles and she did awesome. We did take a few short walking breaks. When we first started running she had shin pain but after awhile it went away and she said she felt great. She said the new shoes felt amazing and she could really tell the difference from her old running shoes. Today we are running 3 miles and on Saturday we are running 6 miles. We only have about a month left and I think she realizes how close that is. I'm really proud of her.

I was looking at Nike Youtube videos and I saw so many that I really liked. They are all so motivating. This was one of my favorites.....

Also Craig made a video from the 2010 P.F.Chang's Half Marathon. These are pictures and video that I took when we were running.

Thanks Craig for putting that together for me.

We also kind of decided on what we might wear for the EP Half Marathon in March. It's 4 of us running it together. Ramon, Vero, Cristina and me. We were thinking about maybe having 2 people wear one color and the other two wear the other color. These are the shirts.

Hope you have a great day!!


Question: Do you have any videos that just make you want to move? I really like the nike commercials.

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  1. I hope Craig feels better soon! I'll say a little prayer for him.

    I love those Nike commercials too. They're really encouraging!

    It's so awesome Craig made you a video. A friend of ours did the same thing when we did a marathon relay. it's so awesome and you get pumped after you watch it. :)