Friday, August 7, 2009

I love Hiking.

One of our first hikes...A mountain

I absolutely LOVE hiking. Craig and I are going to Utah next week for some wonderful hiking at Zion National Park. I will post pictures and possibly videos of our vacation when we get back. We are very excited about the trip. I never imagined myself as a hiking person. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I actually really didn't know much about hiking until a few years ago. I know that once I started that I loved it though. My first official hike was A Mountain by ASU. We then started looking for new trails and tried to fit in a hike every weekend. Craig loves it too. When u make it to the top of that mountain or to the creek its such a rewarding feeling. The views we see are just beautiful and it makes it so much better that we see them together.
I also like that you burn a ton of calories doing it too. =) What can I say.... It's AWESOME!!

Here is a slideshow that Craig made of our recent hikes.

Have a good Friday!!!

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