Saturday, December 26, 2009

9 mile run

workout: 9 mile run

Happy Saturday!!! This morning I was up and ready for my run. My friend was here from out of town and we had a run date planned. Before she got to my house I went and bought spinach and almond milk because I was almost out. She had never had a Green Monster and I wanted to change that today. I made her the regular green monster with banana. My favorite is with Cantaloupe but she is allergic. Anyway it seems like she liked it and she said she did but I don't think she is a Green Monster LOVER like I am. I remember the first time I tried one. I've been hooked ever since. We then exchanged Christmas gifts and were off to our running destination.

I love this park. I LOVE LOVE it. The grass isn't green right now but it is so much more beautiful during the summer.

Here's is Cristina in action:

We kept the pace pretty slow. It was a nice run, we had a lot to talk about. After the 7th mile we did walk for awhile. We were both a little tired and sore. Next week I'm running 10 miles...Eeeek. P.F. Changs Half Marathon coming up in a few weeks. =)

After our run I took her to Zoe's Kitchen for lunch. She had never been there and I love that place. She loved it too.

These pictures are from a previous time I went but we had the same thing to eat. I forgot to take pictures this time. =)

Now it's dinner time. Yum. Craig just got back from 4 wheeling and we are about to get ready. Talk to you tomorrow.

Have a good night.


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