Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree..Oh Christmas Tree....

Happy Wednesday to you all! Im glad it's the middle of the week and I only have one day left. I'll probably end up going in to work for OT on Friday but just for a few hours. I'm making plans to go watch New Moon finally with a friend. I think I'm the only person on earth that hasn't seen it yet and I loved all the books. I can't believe I haven't gone yet. I just really haven't had the time...or made the time I guess.

So I am so sore from my last workouts. My arms and legs are killing me. Even just coming up the stairs burns my legs. It kind of feels good to be honest. =) It's like.... Yeah that's the hard workout I had.  Makes me feel tough. LOL

So I said I would be posting pictures on Monday from when we put up our Christmas Tree. I'm just getting the chance to post them. Sorry. Better late then never..... I want to excuse my wrinkled pajamas in advance. I was being super lazy on Sunday after our hike.

We love putting up our Christmas Tree together. We have so much fun.

We give eachother an ornament each year and we have a lot that Craig has collected throughout the years. Like this bird.... Craig said he always liked it as a kid when his mom would put it on their tree and so when he moved out..his mom gave it to him.

I bought this for Craig about 2 years ago. When we retire we want to drive Route 66. Just take our time and enjoy it all.

 We just like Finding Nemo. Plus I always tell Craig he is a turtle. =)

Craig's mom gave us these from the movie Cars. I like it because it's the boy and girl.

This is our Christmas Village. We are adding to it little by little every year. By the time we are old it will need it's own room. LOL

That's all I have for you today. We are going to make dinner and finish watching Biggest Loser. We went to sleep before it was over last night. Have a great day tomorrow and just remember it's one day closer to Friday! Woohooo.



  1. ah! you have the best christmas ornaments!! CARS and Finding Nemo!!
    i loove christmas decorating!!

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    I love the holidays!

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