Monday, December 7, 2009

Rainy Day

Saturday workout: 55 minutes- elliptical, crunches and ST
Sunday workout: 1 hr and 5 minutes- 6 mile run

This is the weather today....RAINY and I love it. Days like this are meant for cuddling and watching movies. Too bad I had to go to work. Here is the view from my office cubbicle! LOL. It's not that great of a picture but you can see the wet street and dark clouds. We had all the blinds open around us. My day at work went by pretty fast today. I love working chatting with my girls. Justing kidding...we get our work done WHILE chatting. =)

My weekend went by pretty fast too. I got a lot done and I had a lot of fun. I started out Saturday by picking up my Bountiful Basket. Yummy. I even got a watermelon and squash.

After picking up my fruit we went to the gym and I had a really good workout. I did a lot of ST and felt freakin' awesome. Saturday's are usually my "family" day. I'll go over to my parents for a few hours and hang out. When I went over this Saturday my mom had a lot of things planned for me. She was having a Bridal Shoer at her house on Sunday so I had to help with the games and to decorate. On my way home I stopped at a few stores for some quick Christmas shopping. (I don't want to say what stores because Craig will read this and know what I bought) Anyway, my sister was coming over for dinner so I made salad and two pizzas. I made one regular crust and one wheat crust. I think the wheat was a hit. We then played Friends Scene it in teams. Craig and I beat my sister and her friend. We started watching Four Christmases again but we all fell asleep. Sunday morning I had a 6 mile run planned so Craig and my sister rode bikes to make sure I was safe.
You can barely see me in the distance starting my run. It was really cold but overall a really good run. At first I didn't think I was going to be able to run the full 6 miles. The cold was just too much for me. It's harder for me to control my breathing when it's cold. After awhile I got it under control and felt good for the rest of the run. I finished in 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Once we were done it was time for me to start getting ready for the Bridal shower. I got there around 3pm and it didn't start until 4pm so I had some time to chit chat with my sisters. We caught up on our weekend and helped my mom with a few things. The bridal shower was hilarous. I was laughing so hard at so many things. I can't put a lot of the pictures on here because they are kind of inappropriate but I do have 1 that I can put up. There was one game where you had to pick a teamate and one was the Model and the other was the Wedding Dress designer. We had to design a dress in a certain amount of time out of toilet paper. Well my sister was my partner and she was the model. We came up with this........


It's supposed to be a short sexy wedding dress. =) Yeah that's how we roll.

Other news..... I have decided to run a half marathon in March with my friend that lives in Texas. It will be March 7, 2010 at El Paso. The registration fee and hotel is really cheap. We will only be going for the weekend but I'm pretty excited about it. My sister also decided to run that half with us. I only have about 1 month until the P.F. Changs Half Marathon and my nerves are starting to kick in. I really want to beat my old time. This half marathon will mark my 1 yr anniversary from when I ran my very 1st half marathon... Eeeeek. I still remember it so well. One of the best things I ever did. FULL MARATHON I'm coming after you next!!!!!



  1. well winter is here it seems.
    The bike ride was short, but it was good. Always need to keep an eye on you. :)
    Plus we got to see the Cardinals dominate the vikings that night too!

  2. that is SO exciting about your marathon :)

    i love all your grocery loot! yay watermelons!