Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

WARNING: this post has a lot of pictures =)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Day/Friday!! We started celebrating yesterday. I went to my families early to sing to my dad for his Bday.

He is the big 4..8!!! So young.....
After singing we got to cooking. We had a lot to do before my mom got home from work. We wanted to surprise her with having most of the cooking done. She had to work until noon for the first time in many years on Chirstmas Eve.

We made A LOT of cookies. We also made a lot of brownies. We were baking machines. It was a lot of fun getting everything together on our own. For Christmas Eve dinner we made tamales and menudo. I had about 3 tamales and they were D! We also had the karaoke machine going and did a lot of dancing. My mom and dad love to sing so I was the back up singer. My sisters, niece and brother were our fans watching us and singing along. =) Our tradition is to open our presents at midnight so once it hit 12:00 we were ready. My mom usually plays Santa but my brother got to do it this year.


I love my family and I am so thankful that we can spend the holidays together. I don't ever want to take that for granted.

I got a lot of tops, body spray, perfume and even a TURKEY BREAST! LOL ( my mom was being funny and she knows I love me some turkey)

When Craig and I got home we opened 1 present from our stocking. Then went to bed....

When we woke up at 6ish we opened our presents. Our tradition is to open them Christmas morning.....

From Craig I got boots, flat screen monitor, pajamas, Rihanna cd, scarf and a few other things. I bought Craig Scene it, Camelbak, The Hangover, and Black Eyed Peas cd. I loved all my gifts. I love our Christmas traditions and the ones Craig and I start together.
Tonight we are making dinner and watching The Hangover...snuggle time.

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