Monday, March 8, 2010

Half Marathon Weekend

Happy Monday!! Since we arrived yesterday it's been rainy and cloudy. I've been loving every minute of it. Even when we got home yesterday and had to unload all of our luggage in the RAIN!!! It was cold and horrible but fun at the same time. =) I love the rain. Especially when I know that I get to be home all day enjoying movies and a much needed rest. Today was eat, sleep, watch movie...repeat. Great day. Tonight Craig and I are going to watch the video from our trip and look at the pictures together. We got home too late last night to do it and I've been waiting patiently all day today for him.

This weekend was so much fun and I can't wait to go on another road trip in July with my peeps. We started our journey Saturday morning at about 7 am. We sang, talked and laughed a lot. My sisters slept a bit on the way over but not too much...Craig and I wouldn't really let them. haha

We arrived at El Paso at about 1 pm. As soon as we got to our room we got ready for the expo so Vero and I could get our number. We also took a lot of pictures like this.....

How many pictures do we really need like this?! LOL. It was fun.

Tomorrow I will post pictures that Craig took with the camera he carried. The pictures I'm posting today are from the camera I carried throughout the whole run and trip. These do not include us getting our number or our shirts but I will post that tomorrow. =)

After the expo we went to dinner with the whole running crew. My friend had a place in mind for us and it was really good. She had made reservations and there was no wait. Pictures of that tomorrow.

Sunday morning Vero and I got up at about 4 am to get ready for our run. The half marathon started at 7am but we wanted to get there early to meet our friends. The start of the run was in walking distance from our hotel and that was awesome. We didn't have to walk far. It was very convenient since the expo was also held at our hotel. As soon as we got to the pre half marathon festivities Vero and I started stretching as we waited for our friends.

Vero wasn't as nervous as I thought she would be for her first half. I guess I might be a little of a drama queen because I tend to freak out every morning before the run. My stomach starts to hurt. I start to feel aches all over my body. It's pretty ridiculous actually. LOL.

This was the first half marathon for Ramon and my sister. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves a lot. I told Vero to not worry about time. I just wanted her to have fun and if we needed to take some walk breaks that it was fine. I just wanted her to experience it to the fullest.....and we did.
This was about the 5th mile and we were doing pretty good.

Our fans!
He is my #1 fan. I could not ask for more. He is always there for me. Never complaining and always encouraging. I am very lucky and I appreciate him so much. I love my Craig.

                                                                      Run Vero Run!
They finished their first half marathon!!! They did great and had so much fun. I am proud of both of them.

That's it for today...I have a lot more pics tomorrow though. =)

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  1. awesome job for finishing the 1/2 marathon! looks like y'all had a blast! you guys have some fun, goofy pics :)