Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Boxie!!!

Monday workout: 50 minutes (gym) elliptical and crunches
Tuesday workout: 3 mile run

This week has been completely opposite from last week. I still feel a little tired but I also feel motivated again. I was a little scared that I was losing that feeling of WANT. That was part of my stress last week. I am so glad that it's back because I love feeling this way. We started going back to the gym last Thursday and I felt awesome when I was there. We decided to just mix our workouts up. We will still do P90X when we feel like working out at home and go to the gym, hike or run when we feel like it too. I want to enjoy working out and not have it be a chore. This way works best for me and I'm glad that I have both available to me.

Craig and I went on a 3 mile run today. Towards the end I ran the fastest I could. It hurt so bad but sometimes I want to hurt. =) After running we made ground chicken tacos with black beans for dinner. We are now watching Biggest Loser. I kind of want Stephanie or Daris to win the Challenge. We'll see what happens.

Weekend Recap:

Saturday night Craig and I babysat my 3 year old neice. We took her to Chuck E. Cheese and then came home to watch Toy Story. We played a lot of games and she even won a few prizes.

My neice really likes Craig. She sometimes gives him attitude which is funny to me.

Sunday morning we went on a new hiking trail.
"Pinnacle Peak is a moderate hike with an elevation gain of approximately 1,300 feet. The trail has a very smooth tread with a number of ups and downs over the course of the 1.75 mile trail (one way). It is not a loop trail so you come back over the same trail. High point on the trail is 2,889', the lowest point is 2,366', and the elevation at the trailhead is 2,570'. "

After hiking we went "shopping" for a new car. I have been looking around online for a few months and finally decided on......

A 2010 Scion Xb. I LOVE it!!! Her name is Boxie.

I was a bit sad to say bye to.....

Featsie will be missed.

I am pooped. I hope I can finish Biggest Loser.... Have a great night bloggies!!

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  1. Yeah she gives me attitude, just like her mom, and her other aunt, ay these girls!

  2. Nice car, girlie! :) I'm so jealous you guys get to hike! I've been craving it so much! I'm hoping the hubby would take me hiking sometime soon! i've been giving him hints :)

    I hope you're enjoying Boxie!!

  3. getting a new car is always fun! Congrats!