Friday, March 5, 2010

Preparing for Texas

Happy Alice In Wonderland Day to you!!! =) I am way excited for this movie. My sister, our friend and I are going to watch it today in a few hours. I love Johnny Depp and this movie looks really good. I'll come back to let you know how it was.

I'm sitting here enjoying my snack.

Guacamole and organic blue chips. Delicious..... Craig surprised me yesterday with these chips. They are very good. He bought me two bags. YAY!

I have so many things going on right now. I'm doing laundry, packing, ironing, blogging and organizing my running playlist. Tomorrow morning we leave to El Paso, TX to run a half marathon with my friend. I can't wait to finish this with my sister. I know she will feel awesome when she is done. I'll have a lot of pictures and videos for you when I get back. I took Monday off from work to rest and relax from the trip. It's going to be a short trip but a lot of things are planned this weekend. I'm sure I'll need a day for just me.

On Monday my sister and I went running at the park. It was our last long run planned before the half. It was weird running that late since I'm used to going in the morning or in the evening before it gets dark. It was fun though. Craig made sure we were okay and rode his bike to take care of us.

This is what we are wearing. We wanted to make sure we would be comfortable and didn't need any last minute clothes changes. We goofed around and enjoyed the run.

On Wednesday I had a 3 mile run with Craig.

I was jumping and wanted Craig to catch me in the air when he took the picture....didn't happen. LOL. It was funny though.

Tonight we plan on having the "gang" over  to hangout. We are watching a movie and they are making signs for Vero and I. Fun weekend ahead!!

Question: Do you plan on watching Alice In Wonderland?

Have  great weekend!

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  1. good luck with the half and have a safe trip!