Friday, October 9, 2009


This morning I woke up about 4am with the worst headache. It's been about 4 days now that I wake up with a really bad headache. It's really starting to annoy me. I went today to get sinus headache medicine. I hope this helps. If not then I will be making a Dr's appointment soon.

Okay on to a not SO "bad" mood Betty. =) Today is Friday and as you know.... I love my Fridays. I don't work so they are all mine. Today I watched a movie, Friends and did my nails. I also cleaned a bit and washed clothes. Tonight we are going to the movies to watch Zombieland and to dinner with friends. I'm going with three boys. This should be interesting. My boyfriend has been wanting to go see Zombieland for awhile now. Me not so much. It kinda seems really dumb but Craig said that it's supposed to be. We will see. The more I see the commercial for it the more it seems I'm going to like it.

I haven't worked out today. I'm planning on doing 30 day shred and also Turbo cardio mix but I honestly don't know if I'm up to it. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and rest which is what I might do.

Oh the other night we did have chicken kabobs and they came out pretty good. The brown rice was delicious.

For breakfast this morning I had multi-grain Cheerios with granola and a slice of toast.

For lunch I had a lean cuisine chicken quesadilla.

For a snack I had watermelon and granola bar.

We went to look at costumes again last night. This time my sister went with us. I think I might have found my costume. It's not something that I would have chosen but it fits good and I like it. I still didn't buy it though. I'm sure we will go this week and I'll get it.
Have you heard the new Britney Spears?!!! If you haven't here it is for you to enjoy. Let me know what you think.....
This is the new Rihanna and Lady gaga.
Nothing more for you today peeps.
Have a goodnight!!!

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