Friday, October 2, 2009

So glad it's Friday.

It doesn't really feel like a Friday. I think it's because I'm feeling a little sick. My sister came over so we could go running but we postponed it until tomorrow. We were both feeling a little under the weather. I did make us a yummy breakfast.....

Whole wheat bread with eggs and spinach. I'm still experimenting. As u can see I had already finished the other half. It was very filling.

For lunch I had leftovers. Whole wheat and multi grain noodles with chicken and spinach. Also I don't remember the cream on the pasta but it's delicious.

Had a peach for my snack today with some granola. (which I LOVE)

We also went shopping. I bought myself some new boots. Can't wait to wear them and post a picture. We went and looked at Halloween costumes. I'm not sure yet which one I'm getting but I know it will be cute. After that I had planned to go to the mall for a little shopping but I decided to stay in and rest. If we are going running tomorrow I know I need to make sure I'm feeling better. I stayed home and cleaned a little. I watched Friends and did some blog hopping. Tonight we are thinking Jason's Deli and Halloween shopping again. We had plans to go to happy hour with some work peeps but that was cancelled also.

Nothing much going on today. I did go shopping and bought some fun new foods that I saw on other blogs. Thanks everyone for the great ideas.
I plan on having my first Green Monster tomorrow. Yay. I will let you know how it comes out. =) Also I'll post a pic of my cute boots and also my new phone. It's pink and pretty. (Pretty in Pink)

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!


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