Thursday, October 29, 2009


This week has been crazy!!!! I kept thinking I would have time to write a quick catch up blog but it wouldn't happen. I'm even behind on "Modern Family." LOL. I've been reading all of your posts though. I'm really excited for Halloween. I love chic runner's costume. If you haven't had a chance to check it is the link. It's super creative...... 

We have plans for Saturday night but we are thinking about going out Friday night also. Hey we have to put that expensive costume into good use. hee hee. I just wish that I felt better health wise. I've been feeling like I'm getting sick for the last month. One day I will feel fine but then a day like today I feel like I have a cold. I really think my body is fighting it. I WILL KEEP FIGHTING.

This is kind've a late post but I still want to post a blog about it so here it is ladies........ On Tuesday I noticed a co-worker go into the restroom in business casual clothes and come out in running gear! My friend was with me and  saw my face light up. She said that almost everyday the girl goes for a run during lunch. I know it might be kinda weird but it gave me hope people. Hope that one day when I have much more to do (even though I feel super busy now) But one day when I have kids that I will still make time for myself to do the things that I enjoy. I'm sure I will love being a mom but I know how important running and staying active is to me. Now I know that no matter how busy we are that there is never an excuse to not make just a little time to be active. I've seen people make excuses left and right about not having enough time. Tuesday kind've proved to me that everything is possible. It INSPIRED ME.

Also a new song that I am LOVING right now is the new Shakira " Give it up to me" It will be adding it to my ipod this weekend!!!! It's a must have. If you haven't heard it here is for you.

Oh today my training team bought me a cake and gave me a Sports Authority gift card! It was my last day working with them. I'll only be on the other side of the building but it felt like I was going to a completely different building.
You know what that gift card means?!!! NEW SHOES!!! I've been waiting and waiting to buy my new shoes because I just can't seem to make up my mind. But I think I've decided. FINALLY!!!! Check these out......
Nike LunarGlide +

They have them in pink and gray too which I really like since I'm a pink girl but I think I'm going for something new. These colors would not be something I usually go with but I'm really liking them together. If you have these or know of anyone that does please let me know if they are good running shoes. So far the reviews say they are awesome.

Have a great night! Today is just another regular day of the week for me. I'm going in for OT tomorrow. I need to start getting ready for Christmas! Seems Craig is making a pretty expensive Christmas list this year. LOL



  1. cute shoes, B! Are they running shoes? crosstrainer? they're super cute!

  2. I always wonder how I'll stay fit after having kids. I agree it's good to have hope! Have a good Halloween :)

  3. Sheila they are running shoes. They have them in a lot of different colors. I'm going to try them on and see how they fit before I buy them. I'm kind've thinking of going to a running store to take the test and see what shoes are best for me. I'll see what happens on Sunday.