Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FALSE alarm

Monday 09/28/2009 workout: 30 minutes bike and elliptical

Tuesday 09/29/2009 workout: 50 minutes elliptical and treadmill

False alarm...... This morning we had a fire alarm go off at work. Some of my co-workers and I started walking towards our "meet up" spot. It's by Coffee Plantation. Well we got there and no one was there. So I took a picture of them standing around. We felt like one else had left the building. I guess we acted too fast because right after the alarm had gone off someone said it was a false alarm. LOL. Better safe than sorry.

Today the plan is to rest. We usually take two days off during the week. Wednesday is our usual day off and the other we just play by ear. I'm glad that it's rest day because I'm feeling a little sick. I think it's the weather change. Hopefully I don't get too sick. After the gym last night we picked up Subway and watched Biggest Loser. I love that show. Craig thinks it's starting to be a little bit too much of a Sob fest but I still really like it. We don't watch much t.v. because I think we are the only people on earth who don't have cable. ( I know that's just INSANE!)The only shows that we really watch are Biggest Loser and Law and Order. We watch a lot of movies though.

Today on the menu is:
Breakfast: PB&J Sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ 8oz skim milk

Snack: orange, strawberries with yogurt

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Chicken Primavera (I was not looking forward to it but turned out better than I thought)

Snack: Cantaloupe

Dinner: Ground Turkey tacos with corn tortilla, lowfat cheese and avocado (YUM)

I'm looking around at different recipes to try. We are usually pretty creative with our dinner. But for lunch I'm pretty lazy and always end up just getting a Lean Cuisine. If you have any quick and yummy lunch ideas..please share them with me. I've been looking around at different blogs and have found some really good looking meals. I will definitely be trying them. I already have a list of new goodies...I need to go to the grocery store soon. I'm really excited! Also I'm trying something new on my blog that I saw on a few other blogs and I loved. I will be posting pictures of my meals. Thank you all for the great ideas!! I love blog hopping.

Hope you all enjoyed hump Day!!


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  1. the tacos were good.

    My problem with biggest loser is they are focusing on the drama of the game and not losing weight. It makes it just like any of those other shows out there.