Friday, September 25, 2009

A little darker but I still like it.

I'm back..... My hair came out a bit darker but I still really like it. I know that after a few days the color fades a little anyway. She combed it a little more curlier than what I usually wear it so I straightened it really quick for the picture. Let me know what you think....=)

So this morning I went running with my sister. As I mentioned before we are training for the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon. This will be her first and I am very excited for her. This morning the plan was to run 3 miles at the track. We started off and it was going great. We were about to finish our third lap when the band started setting up right smack in the middle of the track. Anyway, Craig said that we should run from the school to our parents house. I thought it was a great idea but my sister was a little hesitant. She didn't believe that she could run that far. We convinced her since Craig would be following us in his truck in case we wanted him to pick us up. So we were off. She did awesome and when we got half way I asked her if she wanted to have Craig pick us up. She said...."No we are almost there" I was SO happy at that point. So proud like a Momma. =) So we made it home and I could tell how happy she was that she made it. She was like...." WE ARE HOME!" I was like yup. I told her how proud I was of her and how I knew she could do it. I think this pumped her up for the 5k we have in 2 weeks. She doubts herself a lot but I know she can do anything she puts her mind to. Yay! When we got home we did the "Rocky" move. Arms up in the air and jumping. hee hee. I checked on and it was a little over 4 miles total. =)

Tonight we are going to dinner and Halloween shopping. I love Fall and Halloween. I'm so excited for all the holidays and spending them with the people that I love.

Have a Happy Friday!!!!!


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