Sunday, September 20, 2009

Morning Bike Ride vs Morning Run

workout: 10 mile bike ride

This morning we went to "our" favorite park and rode our bikes. Craig gave me his older bike and it was soo much better. He fixed it up for me. =) So Sweet. The one I used to have was my moms. It would make this noise everytime I would push the breaks. It sounded like a really loud duck. It was horrible. It was also hard to shift gears. I guess that explains why I switched bikes. This one is a guy bike so the handle bars are lower. You would think that it would bother or hurt but not at all. I did feel a lot more comfortable on the guy bike. I really enjoyed not making a duck noise when I was going to stop. It was a little hard for me to get used to it at first. I haven't rode my bike in awhile because of my half marathon training. It was nice to be able to do 10 miles on the bike in 1 hr. It's crazy that when your on the bike it takes so much less work. My legs did feel it everytime I was going uphill though. The down hill parts are also so much more different from when your running. On the bike you are going down hill so fast. When i'm running down hill I try and take it slow because it kind've hurts my ankles. I did tell Craig on one of the uphill parts that " I would rather be running" he laughed at me. I know it's more work or atleast I think it is more when your running but I really do like running more.

Today we are taking my old bike back to my parents house. We are trying a new sandwhich place and i'm going to look at some new running shoes. I'm still not sure if I will be getting them today but there is a HUGE possibility. I will let you know.......

Have a nice Sunday!


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