Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Season...Biggest L

Workout- 1hr and 15mins..... 30 day shred and cardio at the gym- 09/15/2009

Biggest Loser started last night! It seems that they keep getting bigger people each year. I think they want to show America that anything is possible. I can't wait to see how they look at the end. I'm glad that the Orange shirt kid came back. You can really tell that he wants to be there and he is willing to work for a better life. I love watching it. I get teary eyed throughout the whole show. I really liked when they ran a half marathon last year. I was crying the whole time. I know how it feels to finish something like that and just watching them do it reminded me of that feeling.

Winter is almost here. I can feel it when i'm on my way to work. Yay! Comfy cute sweaters here I come. I need to go on a little shopping spree though. I also want new running shoes. I'm still undecided on which ones I will go with. At this point it's between Nike Pegusus 25 or the 26. I've tried both on and I loved both of them equally. At the Road Runner store they do have the Pegusus 25 on sale for $50. That's a great deal. Everywhere else they seem to be no less than $75. At the Road Runner store they also offer the running test for free. That's also a huge plus. I will hopefully be going in about a month to finally get my new running shoes. I can't wait. I love buying new shoes. These are the ones i'm thinking. They have them in dark and light grey. You know they have to have pink in them too. =)

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  1. I don't know if I'm into the biggest loser this year. It seems like now they are just into putting on a drama show. Plus the bigger people? I like it when they look more normal at the end. Oh well.