Monday, September 14, 2009


workout- 45minutes....elliptical and ST

Since the DHM I have been feeling so relieved. I went running with my sister on Friday and then I ran at the gym on Saturday. It felt good to be running just for fun. Not having to worry about my time and how many miles I was doing. I'm still training for the P.F.Changs Half Marathon in January with my sister. We are both very excited to run one together. We kind've have an idea on what we are going to wear. I'm not going to say until I have a picture with us running in our running gear. =) It's something fun though.

So I'm SUPER sleepy today. I so need a day off to just sleep all day. Maybe this Friday....hmmm... On Saturday night we went to Speedworld and we raced the Taco. We didn't get home until 3am and we had to be up at 5:30 am to go 4 wheeling. It was worth it though. It was so much fun. It was hot, sweaty and AWESOME. I love seeing Craig do his thing. You can just see how excited he get's and how much he loves it. I'm glad that he likes to share that with me. He has so many crazy Jeep ideas that change from one week to the next. I just agree with all of them because I never really know which one he is actually going to do. Plus I don't really know what long arms do for Jeeps... LOL. All I know is that I have a blast everytime I go with him.

Oh and this weekend my dad asked if I was gaining weight again?!!! I was like what the F!! I weigh myself and measure myself once a week. I'm on top of it. Maybe a little insane too but thats okay with me. It took me too long and I worked too hard get to my goal weight. He said that it just looked like it on one of my pictures. I just think he needs to think before he says something like that to me. I mean if you say that to any girl its like..WOW. He should know that it's like 10 times worse if you say it to me. Anyway, I'm A OKAY now.

Also today is the 1st day of our 30 Day Shred Challenge. Two girls from work and I are doing it. Yay! I need to be ready for Halloween. I don't know what i'll be wearing yet but i'm sure it will be short. ;)



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