Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When I wasn't running.....I was.......

Going to the Health and Fitness Expo and going to the beach. As soon as we got there Friday we changed and went to the expo. I was very excited to get my race number and my shirt. Cristina was spending the day at Disneyland. They had gotten there earlier for that. At the expo I bought Asic socks and a ifitness belt. Craig also bought my sister and I boy shorts that say super cute things on them. Mine said " I don't chase boys..I pass them" LOVE IT!! I bought a canvas bag at the P.F.Changs Expo that said the samething. My sister got the ones that say " Will run for beer" LOL. Yes we had a lot of fun. At the expo they were having a sneak preview to the ABC show "Modern Family." It was about 22 minutes and it was HILARIOUS. We did also get a free shirt. We also walked around Downtown Disney for a bit.
This is my tough girl face. I never look good in visors or hats.

Yay that's me with my number. I was so happy that it had our name on the bib.
After that we went and had dinner at ESPN Zone. I had the super YUMMY salmon with green beans and mash. I ate it all. It was so delicious. My sister got the Fetuccini Alfredo with Chicken. Whats funny about that is that both me and Craig predicted that was what she would have over an email. I printed the email and when she finished ordering I took out the email. She didn't think it was as funny as we did. We were LOL though...that's for sure. Craig had a burger that looked freakin' amazing. I did have some of his fries. Just a "Tad Hamilton." Saturday we went and had breakfast at Denny's. I was very excited that they substitute egg whites and turkey bacon if u request it. YAY! We then went to our room to get ready for the beach. So here are some pics of us at the beach.After the beach we went to lunch. I wish I could remember the name of the place but I can't. It was a really nice sandwhich place. They had the option of fruit as your side which I was VERY happy about. After lunch we met Cristina and her "crew" at the Expo. Cristina also bought the ifitness belt. We both got the black one with the pink zipper. PINK ROCKS!!!! We then went to dinner at Mari's Pizza and Italian Restaurant. The food was VERY VERY good but the service was not that great. I don't know if it was because they were just super busy or what but it took us over an hour to get seated. After being seated we still waited about another hour to get our food. By the time we were done it was close to 10 pm. I am a crazy planner person and I knew I had to be up by 3:30 am. I was already a little nervous and that really did add to my nervousness. It was all a Okay though. My beautiful amazing boyfriend stopped and bought me bread and peanut butter that way I didn't have to worry about getting breakfast at 4 in the morning. I am so lucky. Overall the trip was pretty cool. It was like a mini vacation. Here are some more expo pictures from the second day. =)

Craig and Vero working on my signs.
Look at Craig's intense face. He is just the cutest.
Cristina bought me a gift at Disneyland. She is so sweet.

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