Friday, September 25, 2009

When Betty got her groove back!

workout- 50 minutes morning run...with my sister and Craig.

So this is a quick short post. I have an appointment at noon to get my hair done. AKA getting my groove back. LOL. I'm a little bored of the highlighted hair. I need to go a tad (HAMILTON) darker for the fall. I LOVE FALL! Anyway I want to post a couple pics of what i'm kind've going for. I will post pics when I get back with the results. =)

First here is a before picture of my hair:

This is the color i'm going for. I think it's really nice and not too dark.
This is the cut i'm going for. Maybe not as short...I am trying to grow my hair out. I'm used to having longer hair.
Color example again.

I really like the bangs in this picture. I'm going to have my bangs trimmed also.
wish me luck! =)

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